Welcome to the website of Elvaston Castle Action Group.

Elvaston Castle Country Park (ECCP) is an asset to the local community and beyond. We believe it should stay that way. It has been enjoyed by and given pleasure to young and old alike over many years. It is a haven for wildlife and provides a local “green lung” for people to enjoy the pleasures it has to offer. During the Covid lockdown we have come to realise how invaluable the provision of open space is for attaining and maintaining physical and mental health.

Elvaston Castle Action Group (ECAG) was formed in response to  Derbyshire County Council’s plan to develop ECCP in a way that is potentially detrimental to the environment and may restrict the ongoing public enjoyment of all that ECCP has to offer.

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) has now submitted a Planning Application for this proposed development of ECCP, including the creation of a new access road, roundabout and car parks. This can be VIEWED HERE


Whilst ECAG does of course recognise that ECCP badly needs transformation and investment, we strongly challenge DCC’s view that a new access road, relocation of the car park and the provision of enabling development is a pre-requisite to ensuring the future viability of the site.

Elvaston Parish Council (EPC) has resolved to object to the creation of the new access road, roundabout and carparks and has worked to highlight a number of issues in relation to the planning application, focussing on the environment, climate change, biodiversity and economical impact of the proposal.
The legal objection sent on behalf of Elvaston Parish Council can be VIEWED HERE, and the response from DCC can be VIEWED HERE.

Working in close collaboration, ECAG and EPC have created a number of documents to enable residents and users of the country park who wish to do so to make an objection to DCC. ECAG would strongly encourage this course of action and urges like minded individuals and organisations to make their views known at the earliest possible opportunity, as the consultation period ends on 25th April 2022 and objections must be received at DCC no later than this date.

Individuals will have their own views on how to respond, but please feel free to download this TEMPLATE LETTER OF OBJECTION and either adapt it accordingly or use it verbatim. You will of course in either case need to object using your own details, sign the letter and send directly to Derbyshire County Council to be received by 25th April 2022.

To respond directly through the DCC Planning portal,  this SHORT FORM LETTER OF OBJECTION will form the basis of an appropriate input. Please feel free to download and use it, again to be received by DCC no later than 25th April 2022.

If you require any further information to help in formulating your objection, please see the SUMMARY OF ECAG and EPCs OBJECTIONS TO THE PLAN.

A list of ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS has also been produced which we hope you will find useful and relevant.

ECAG appreciates and thanks you for your support. It is imperative to remove the  unnecessary elements of the current DCC plan. We must ensure that the needless and wanton destruction of Elvaston Castle Country Park and its surrounding environment is prevented so the amenities we all currently enjoy may be preserved for future generations.

Please support the local community crowd funding towards legal costs that will be incurred in formulating an objection to the planning