In June 2020 The Parks Alliance (TPA) published ‘Making Parks Count’ – the business case for parks setting out why they matter and why they are a ‘smart investment’. The case illustrates how parks in England deliver over £6.6bn of health, climate change and environmental benefits each year including £2.2bn in avoided health costs alone and are worth £140 per year to each urban resident. For every £1 spent on parks in England an estimated £7 in additional value for health and wellbeing and the environment is generated. The case clearly demonstrates that parks are a smart investment. Unfortunately, because these returns have never been properly understood, parks have suffered from years of under funding and there remain gross inequalities in access to quality green spaces across the country. Making Parks Count presents the case for turning this around.

ECAG firmly believes hese benefits must form part of the business plan that determines the future of ECCP. The park has been invaluable as a resource that allows everyone to experience the green, open space that is so essential to physical and mental health.